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 Lauren, the singer:

From the tender age of just 3 years old, Lauren has always known she wanted to sing. Inspired from a musical family, she began training at a young age and performed on stage for the first time aged just 7.

Lauren's training included classical singing, piano and ballet and to this day can still manage to perform a double pirouette! (just).

As an adult , Lauren completed a Performing Arts Degree at Winchester University, with Honours, she then embarked on a career that took her to many countries across the globe.

Now based in London, Lauren performs regularly as a solo artist. She also makes up one third of                                  one of London’s top close harmony vintage trios.

During the summer, Lauren can be found spending her Saturdays performing with                      at numerous weddings across the county.

 Lauren, the session musician:

Session Reel 2017 - Lauren Woolf
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As a session singer, one of Lauren's most important jobs is to be as diverse as possible.

Lauren has worked in the studio over many years recording albums for herself and The Haywood Sisters, jingles, dance tracks and more.

"I love being in the studio, being creative with the songs and getting to work with some incredible writers and musicians.

 Lauren, the teacher:

Passing on her training skills to younger and older generations. I love to teach people how to understand their voice and  how it works singing skills I have learnt through Estill Voice Training as well as those who simply want to  sing for pleasure!

In addition Lauren also runs her own business with 

With her ukulele to accompany her, Lauren educates pre schoolers in music, dance and drama.


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